An overview of the activities carried out returns a total number of participants of 95. In general, the performance of two training sessions for partners, except for Romania and Czech Republic.

The project involved a maximum number of participants amounted to 15 students for each partner institution divided into two subgroups. The partners, in some cases, however, have had modular elements defined failing to guarantee the number of 15 participants, for different reasons related to the peculiarity of the target.
Conversely, in other cases, the number of participants was higher than expected as there is in the case of Romania, Belgium, France and Spain.
The positive data is given by the level of abandonment/dispersion of the formative path low both in absolute and percentage terms which maintains this for the entire duration of the activities.
The level of neglect is in fact equal to 1 on total of members at the beginning of activities and only in two drop out before the end. It emerges, even crossing data quality assessment, as the top reasons to abandon during the course of the training activities was to find employment and therefore the escape from the condition of NEET. A given not directly connectable to the path and therefore as pertaining between the “good” results of the project but in any case positive and significant.


  • Full report on :
  1. Document pdf : Pilot Training Courses_Joint report
  2. Calaméo book :

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