Current Neets situations in France

The economic crisis has negatively affected French unemployment rate as well as NEET rate regardless of the fact that both rates are still lower than in neighboring countries. Completed education level is crucial in terms of young people’s professional life.

Nowadays, there are 900,000 young adults in France who leave school without any qualifications/diplomas. Help these young people to return into the education system or start building their career is a major challenge.
France doesn´t have yet sufficient experience with the vocational trainings of young adults as an alternative form of education. Moreover, this form of education is used by graduates of higher education level while it should focus more on NEET category, without any qualifications.
The support of young employment is in trouble in France as the “Mission Locales” organizations suffer from a lack of control and financial / human resources. Since 2008, state aid for job positions occupied by young adults till they are 30 years old has been introduced.
As far as the motivation to get a job is concerned, low minimum wage unquestionably disrupts the employment of less qualified young people.
Within the last twenty years, the growth in the use of fixed-term contracts has created a dual labor market where some jobs – with a permanent contract – are too stable, while others – with fixed-term contract – are too volatile. This segmentation affects low-skilled youth more than any other category of workers.

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