Current Neets situations in Belgium

Effects of school relegation and dropout.

In 2012, 20 % of unemployed youth left school without obtaining a degree. According to information provided by the Health and Social Observatory, about one out of five young people in Brussels have prematurely left school. Therefore the proportion of young people between 18 and 24 years whose highest degree relates to the lower level of secondary education and not following instruction or training is very high.
A variety of trajectories for young people looking towards employment.
For most young people, the transition, defined as the pass from a student’s status to the one of sustainable integrated worker into the labor market, is hardly problematic. Therefore, young people do not have the same chances to succeed in their socio-professional integration.

Besides the group of “performers” who represent around half of those that have left school, in all OECD countries it still exists a group of young people that are “left behind”. These young people gather common disadvantages such as lack of a diploma, immigrant origin, living in precarious neighborhoods and from unemployed parents (which greatly reduces their mobilized social capital to ensure the inclusion of their children).

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  1. Current Neets situations in Belgium full report – fr – pdf : Partner Report_ACFI
  2. Current Neets situations in Belgium full report – en – pdf : Partner report_ACFI-en

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