NoNEETs Project

1ere rencontre à Toulouse des membres du projet No Neets

Kick off meeting in Toulouse – France

Project NoNEETs running under is implemented by 6 project partners across all EU (Spain, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy and Romania) and its duration is 2 years (November 2013 – October 2015).

Project is dealing with NEET population (= young adults who are not in employment, education or training).

The Aim of the project is to contribute by educating, training and encouraging this heterogenous population to be included in both labour market and the society in general.

Partners have analyzed the needs of all young people aged 16-30 from employment and training in order to implement a program content. Following, training courses have been organized for about 15 young people in each of the six countries.

Project consortium met at the two-days Kick-off meeting held 26th and 27th November 2013 in Toulouse, France organised by Lead Partner – CRIJ Midi-Pyrénées (Centre Régional d´Information Jeunesse) with headquarters in Toulouse. Project partners became familiar with a project background and overview, work packages structure and budget breakdown.

Final conference, organised by ACFI – one of the partners – took place 1st October 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.


NoNEETs Gantt chart


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